MOMA 2016 : Regional Anesthesia & Early Rehabilitation

Professor Hélène Beloeil

University Hospital of Rennes

Professor Xavier Capdevila

University Hospital of Montpellier

Professor Philippe Cuvillon

University Hospital of Nîmes

Doctor Laurent Delaunay

General Clinic of Annecy

Doctor Eryk Eisenberg

PSR Clinic,
Clermont Ferrand (France)

Professor Marc Fischler

Foch Hospital, Suresnes

Doctor Elisabeth Gaertner

Lariboisière Hospital, Paris

Doctor Philippe Grillo

Juge Clinic, Marseille

Doctor Cédric Luyet

Lindenhofspital, Bern

Doctor Axel Maurice-Szamburski

Juge Clinic, Marseille

Doctor Marc Palmieri

Juge Clinic, Marseille

Professor Colin Royse

Melbourne Hospital

Professor Ban Tsui

University of Alberta

Perioperative patient experience,
a new paradigm

by Doctor Axel Maurice-Szamburski

Perioperative Surgical Home
and Regional anesthesia

by Professor Ban Tsui

of prehabilitation

by Professor Marc Fischler

Enhanced recovery
after anesthesia

by Professor Colin Royse

Functionnal Recovery after
major orthopedic surgery

by Doctor Marc Palmieri

Pleiotropic effects
of local anesthetics

by Professor Hélène Beloeil

Afternoon session

infiltration analgesia

by Doctor Laurent Delaunay

catheter analgesia

by Professor Philippe Cuvillon

and ambulatory surgery

by Professor Xavier Capdevila

A user guide of
perineural catheters

by Doctor Eryk Eisenberg

Regional anesthesia devices,
innovations and thoughts

by Doctor Cédric Luyet

Management of perineural
catheter at home

by Doctor Elisabeth Gaertner

Regional anesthesia and
patient early mobilization

by Doctor Philippe Grillo

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